What a tree has to do

with logistic transports!

Compare your transport with a tree.

  • There is a root, just like the origin of the goods.
  • There is a tribe that can be compared to sea, air or rail transport.
  • There are several boughs, just like the various options of delivery.

If you maintain the tree good, it will grow and become stronger and bigger.

About me

I now have over 15 years of experience in the field of intermodal transport in Europe and on the Eurasian rail link (New Silk Road). I was able to contribute and increase my knowledge at various large companies.

I've introduced and guided the product in companies that have generated more sales and profits. I have helped companies position themselves in the market and thus expand their network in the field.

I was also invited several times to fair trades as guest key note speaker, where I presented my specialist knowledge.

All of these years of experience and the network of long-term partners in Europe and China are now at your service.